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What Our Customers Say

Dienne Harper

When you find a great service provider, gotta share! Trent has been providing snow removal services for me this winter and it’s been such a positive experience. To find a contractor who is so pleasant to work with — communicates and is consistently responsive; it’s such a relief to find someone so reliable. It’s also quite evident that he works extra hard at getting the job done the way the customer wants, and at a fair price. I am so impressed I am hoping he can fit me in for yardwork when the season

Angela Rickers

I would highly recommend Trent for you snow removal service. He is prompt, reliable and does great work. I will be using him in the spring for Lawn service as well.

Adam KNecht

Trent is fantastic! Been having him do our yards now for a little while and he does a great job. If I need him he is there to answer questions and provides the best service I have ever seen. He is more interested in his clients being satisfied than anyone! I would recommend anyone to call him and at least let him come look at your lawn and get his knowledge on it.


  • 6 step Fertility Program

    You wouldn’t feed half your dog so why feed half your lawn…? Our program isn’t like anyone else in town. A proper lawn care program should be based off a solid foundation. The foundation to a healthy lawn starts with the soil and creating a sustainable turf. You may wonder why having the same lawn service provider for years and your lawn looks great at first but slowly fades over time. We understand there is an entire ecosystem under your grass and that’s where we start. You treat the soil right the grass will feed off the soil and in return give you the greenest thickest lawn you ever owned.

  • Liquid Aeration

    Liquid Aeration is the process that puts so much energy into you soil it creates micro fractures allowing roots, nutrients, and water to penetrate further than any mechanical aeration could ever provide. If aeration was so good why do farmers choose liquid over mechanical? Farmers understand the foundation of a good crop comes from the soil and the available nutrient in the soil to be readily available to the crop. In this case our crop is grass and liquid aeration is what separates Precision Turf apart from any company in town and we provide it in three of your fertilizing applications for free. So why waste money on it when you don’t have too! You can overseed with it too and get the same if not better results as mechanical aeration with liquid aeration.

  • Perimeter Pest Control

    Our 4-step program start off in mid Spring before the bugs become active to give you a 4ft barrier around the perimeter of your home and around windows and doors to keep out these nasty critters. Next, we apply two rounds in Summer and one in Fall.

  • Mulch

    We use a specialty blend of chocolate grade mulch. We install 3”-4” heavy layer to give your landscape that popping fresh curb appeal to really make your neighbors envy. Stop working in your lawn and let us help you relax this Season spend more time with the family and we’ll take care of the rest!


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