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Precision Turfs 6 App Fertility Program

You wouldn’t feed half your dog so why would you feed half your lawn…?
Our program isn’t like anyone else in town. A proper lawn care program should be based off a solid foundation. The foundation to a healthy lawn starts with the soil and creating a sustainable ecosystem beneath your turf. You may wonder why having the same lawn service provider for years and your lawn looks great at first but slowly fades over time? That is because the turf needs more than just three key ingredients outside of Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. We understand there is an entire ecosystem under your grass and that’s where we start. You treat the soil properly and in return the grass will feed off the soil giving you the greenest thickest lawn you ever owned.

App 1 Precision Wake Up – March

With the first application we put down a broadleaf pre-emergent. This will keep all your dandelions, spurge, wild violets from even getting to the surface of your lawn. We also add in a proper nutrient based fertilizer derived from organic based material to start feeding the soil beneath the turf.

App 2 Triple Precision Protection – April

This app is a multipurpose combo app with pre-emergent for grassy weeds such as crabgrass, goose grass and nutsedge (Water Grass). The uniqueness to this app comes from our liquid aeration (NO NEED TO MECHANICALLY AERATE) that puts lots of energy into the soil to alleviate compaction and create empty space for water and nutrients to better bind with the soil allowing the soil to breathe giving space to the turf roots to dive deeper into the ground. Another great aspect to this treatment is the benefits of kelp and humic acid which allows the nutrients into the lawn to not be bound up in our clay soils but be released in a steady fashion to feed the grass. This is a great time to overseed prior to this application!

App 3 Precision Grub Control – May

This application is intended to prevent white grubs, chinch bugs along with other pests in the lawn to stray away from feeding on the grass. In addition to grub prevention and fertilizer we  also add in a great iron supplement that will boost your lawns deep rich green color for the upcoming summer months.

App 4 Precision Summer Feed –  June to July

As we begin the app in our 6 step program, we are feeding the lawn an abundance of micro nutrients to help combat the stress of the heat, and high humid temps that may cause fungus and disease.  This is a very important application to prepare the lawn for the upcoming heat and drought conditions.

App 5 Precision Root Feeding – August to September

This app is very vital to the soil as it gives an enormous amount of food intended for the roots. As temps begin to cool down we want to engage as much root growth as possible to help recover from summer stress and get ready for dormancy come Winter. At this time we also add again the liquid aeration to help keep thise roots diving deeper and deeper into the soil. This also put down at the same time for fall seeding. (NO NEED TO MECHANICALLY AERATE) This is included in our program. We also apply an Iron supplement as well to enhance the color of your lawn.

App 6 Precision Hibernation – October

This App is important as we use a quick release fertilizer so the grass can absorb as much nutrients as it can before going dormant. Much like a bear eats a lot before sleeping before winter. The grass will use all the stored energy come spring to have a healthy green jump start the following year.

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