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Aeration & Overseed

What is Aeration?

Aeration as we know it today is the process of removing plugs from your lawn to allow the soil to breath and get nutrients and water to penetrate deeper into the soil. Majority of lawn care service providers will tell you this is the best way to get your lawn thick and lush and allow oxygen to move into the soil to recover from heat and summer stress.

Here is what you don’t hear about Mechanical Aeration:

Mechanical Aeration the process in which plugs are removed from the lawn and provide benefits as stated above. Now is aerating a bad thing? “No”. It is better than doing nothing to your lawn to achieve better results. Over the long run mechanical aeration’s have been proven to compact the soil even further not allowing nutrients and water to readily move through the soil. Nobody likes the plugs left on the lawn and the muddy mess afterwards especially with dogs.


What is the goal of an aeration?

The goal and the entire point of an aeration is to create more oxygen to allow the lawn to breath, drive roots deeper into the ground, and to promote better nutrient and water penetration. Does it have to be done by “mechanical aeration” practices to achieve those results?

Is there something better?


Before Liquid Aeration & Overseed                                                                                         2 Weeks After!


Yes! Liquid Aeration is the process that puts so much energy into your soil it creates micro fractures allowing roots, nutrients, and water to penetrate further than any mechanical aeration could ever provide. If aeration was so good why do farmers choose liquid over mechanical? Farmers understand the foundation of a good crop comes from the soil, and the available nutrients in the soil to be readily available to the plant. In this case our crop is grass and liquid aeration is what separates Precision Turf apart from any company in town and we provide it in two of our fertilizing applications for free. So why waste money on it when you don’t have too! You can overseed with it too and get the same if not better results as mechanical aeration with liquid aeration.


Precision Turf has careful handpicked the most precise varieties of bluegrass and fine turf fescues for your lawn to give you the best heat, disease resistant, and wear tolerance for our Omaha climate. We use eight different varieties of blue grass and six different varieties of fescues that are derived from the great state of Oregon.



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